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Project Description
Email something huge: The big mailer project allows you to upload large files to your website and then retrieve a convenient url for email and other uses.

I often have to send large files around by email. For example, I had to email a colleague a 10 MB file. It seems a little rude to hit him out of the blue with a 10 MB email. I wanted something cleaner and less intrusive.

So I created a simple utility I called "Big Mailer". This program consists of both a (WPF) client and (WCF / ASP.NET) server piece that simplifies uploading content to your web site. The program then gives you a regular web link you can send via email.

Here's a screenshot:


If you'd like to see the original post on my blog, here's the link:,guid,3c1f1434-99ea-4b94-9411-d6227c7af1f1.aspx

You maybe be thinking that you can also just use FTP if you have that for your web site, but I hate FTP personally. I don't like fighting the firewall issues and I don't want it running on my servers.

So this program allows you to upload content of unlimited size, without FTP, without sending your files to a third party, in a firewall friendly manor. Also, it sends everything in 16KB blocks, rather than one giant http message. So you get the benefit of both being able to send huge files (say 1 GB) and you get progress / cancel support.

Because the back-end is a WCF service, you can integrate that with your ASP.NET websites as well. Here's an example where I use the discoverability features along with the service to show public files available. Note, this is a separate website pulling from the service:

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